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Monday, June 13, 2011

I think I dreamed about the Man of my DREAMS

So, yes, it would make sense, since he is the MAN OF MY DREAMS, to, you know, dream about him. But I think I actually did, this morning!

I had a tarot reading awhile back and was told I have love coming into my life - provided that I work on myself for the next three months. The psychic suggested that I ask deity to send me a glimpse in my dreams. And I think I actually dreamed of him... It's kinda cool.

In the dream, his name was Duncan. He was stocky with long pale curly hair. He seemed a bit surly and the psychic said he'd be jolly, so maybe that wasn't him. Thought I'd post this so if I read back and I'm with this guy...I'll remember and my psychic powers will be comfirmed. You see?

That's all for now.

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