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I'm a Chronologically-challenged Optimistic Procrastinator with some extra chunk, indescribable hair and blue-greener eyes re-entering into the interesting worlds of College and Caffeine and Self-induced mania. I day dream about Zombies cause sometimes an Apocalypse is less scary than Real Life. I'm a hustler baby and I'm making it all up and I alternately kiss ass and rub it to make my living. BUT Life is still good cause my mom thinks I'm special and people like me; they really like me!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I hate feeling stupid. I'm taking a Computer Applications class. I do the tutorial step-by-step via the book and everything goes hunky dory. I try the stupid fucking test - it won't do it. It just WON'T DO IT! I want to kill something or someone right now. I'm not stupid. Why does it look like I am?

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