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I'm a Chronologically-challenged Optimistic Procrastinator with some extra chunk, indescribable hair and blue-greener eyes re-entering into the interesting worlds of College and Caffeine and Self-induced mania. I day dream about Zombies cause sometimes an Apocalypse is less scary than Real Life. I'm a hustler baby and I'm making it all up and I alternately kiss ass and rub it to make my living. BUT Life is still good cause my mom thinks I'm special and people like me; they really like me!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's raining.

I didn't bring an umbrella to work today. I think you can see where this is going. One tends to get wet when one has no umbrella and the sky unzips and dumps liquid devastation upon your cranium. FYI. Just so you know.

In my defense, because I certainly need one, it was sunny and blue when I left for work this morning. It only got rainy just before I left work. Cause that's life.

The rain makes me long for a man. I just spent 30 minutes checking out Craigslist. Every ad on Craigslist makes me feel fat. Now I am tired. This entry isn't interesting, but I thought I'd type something.

It's kinda like I'm making word vomit at you. Directless and off-putting. So. I'll stop.

The end.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I don' wanna and you can't make me

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. Thank god there are no forks around cause, right now, I'd rather stick one of those in my eyes than do that. Ah Well. I'm forkless. Guess the only other option is to be a responsible adult. BAH!

That's all for now.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why don't they ever give you the option of a wheel barrow?

So, today was a bit of chunky day. Woke up and despite all my efforts I ran late and missed the Sprinter (the local train inland) on the way to today's Mary Kay obligation making both myself and Adriana, my ride who I was meeting in the middle, late. We went to a Mary Kay "Foundation Bootcamp" to have the shades of our foundation redetermined for the new Liquid Foundation that MK just released. It was jury by consensus and apparently the consensus is that I am FUCKING WHITE! I'm an Ivory 3 (translate FUCKING WHITE!). There's only 2 other Ivories below me. Winter what have you done?! I used to be a delightful beige color, now I'm auditioning for the role of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Then it was off to John's house to play Dresden Files for 6 hours; Chuck, John, Bridget and myself with Richard as our GM. Last session was painful as Chuck and Bridget don't get along and got in a nasty fight. This session was much less "crunchy" as Bridget put it. Unfortunately, I will admit that lack of real food and ingestion of chocolate covered heart sugar cookies from the Foundation Bootcamp put me in a combative mood and I accused Richard of being "draconian". I owe him an apology later.

Afterwards, we went to Benihana's. Chuck transformed into a bit of a whiny bitch about it since he feels that Benihana is on par with some sacred celebratory event and didn't want it sullied with our mere after game presence. And he protested weakly, though not enough to dissuade John's bulldozer-y-ness and was kinda resentful until he finally got over himself. I chose to have sushi and for once in my life that actually worked out to be the "cheap date" option. The food was delicious and John was gentlemen enough to let me taste a bit of everything he got! Num Nums! The show from our server, Keoni, was amusing and I had a good time. I did not have $30 of good time (which is what it cost everyone else) and doubt that I will ever suggest going back there, but I didn't have to pay all that so...yay! I owe John about $14 for the sushi. All in all though, I am so full. Why don't they ever give you the option of a wheel barrow? I'm kinda sleepy now. Juva Juva. That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am a Whirl of Wind

So, I have started school. Boy, nothing like going to school to make you realize just how much you don't know that you thought you did. Color me humbled. What color would humble be anyway, maybe a sort of pale yellow or something? Returning to the subject, I am taking three online classes and one in school class. I thought the online classes would be a piece of cake because I was sure I knew everything there was to know re: administrative busywork. I also thought that though I don't know everything about nutrition, I'd still have a handle on it and the class would be easy peasy. I was actually disappointed that I didn't get into the super hard classes of Biology 210: Human Anatomy and Chemistry 100: Chemistry (or some shit, forgot the name). I had considered taking two more online classes cause I wanted to be challenged. WHAT AN IDIOT I AM! By the way, I'm now convinced I don't know SHIT about office-y stuff and am highly surprised they let me near an office, you know, retroactively.

The work just piles up. Format this, type that memo, and use critical thinking. Critical thinking? What place does that have in any office? Really!? You don't say? The workplace is changing and on top of mindless work they also want you to do thinking work too? Crazy. And reading, so much reading to do. But secretly, or maybe not so secretly, since I'm telling you guys, I'm loving the work and the learning stuff. I've learned more crap since Jan. 24th, than I have in over a year probably.

Meanwhile, I am jumping through hoops trying to figure out this whole marketing thing for work to get people to allow me to rub their butts. And pay me. I don't rub a butt for free unless I like you - A LOT! I've made a website and a Facebook page. I've placed Facebook ads, well one anyway. I've dropped posters off at the college. I'm making a spiffy poster through VistaPrint and considering a couple of banners. Drew up some fancy smancy brochures. I am thinking every day about marketing and I don't really know what I'm doing, but I kinda like it. Like I might want to do it for a living as a side job sort of liking it.

I've also revamped the massage room today. I like typing fragments, deal with it! My room is really teeny tiny; I refer to it as my Massage Closet for a reason. Fitting a whole warm stone station in it without overwhelming the room or burning myself is a tall order. *Play Mission Impossible Theme Song now.* Mission Fulfilled. I partially disassembled one shelf and jury-rigged it into the W.S. station, while purchasing and then assembling another one in the hour just before the client was due to arrive and receive her W.S. massage. And now I have a tri-level, stable, space efficient and pretty W.S. station with a space for a drink station below! And I can do a totally functioning Warm Stone Massage. It's neat!

Lastly, the man (who wasn't my ex-husband) that I mentioned on Jan. 16th, in the dream about my ex-husband, sent me a Facebook request. Random that he'd get in contact after so long. I asked why. His reply? That it had been a hard year with lots of passings and that we used to be friends and he remembered that friendships are important. No shit. Really.

I am kinda underwhelmed by his logic since it's taken about...5 years for him to come to this conclusion. This particular guy got mad at me for hinting via Livejournal that his girlfriend and I should get to know each other better before he, his girlfriend and I got to know each other A LOT better. He hadn't mentioned that this news was to be on the D.L. Additionally, I didn't leave an entry titled "So before I lick her pussy...". People who read his journal asked questions because I had, in fact, left it ambiguous. He was embarrassed because she was mad and embarrassed. He stopped talking to me and told me that it would last until he wasn't mad anymore. I un-friended him on Myspace and Facebook after waiting about a year. I know. It takes a long time for me to learn a lesson.

My reasoning: I didn't really do anything wrong and I don't want to be friends with someone much less commit sexual acts with them if they would be embarrassed by it becoming public knowledge that they were with me. I am not embarrassed by the actions I take and if I would be, I generally reconsider taking them. Oh yeah. This is what I said. I'm the last comment by delikatcreature

I will say this though, being in motion = no anxiety. I just put my foot down and take the next step in front of me. It's like running from the undead; I am just doing so many things as fast as I can that I have no time to be anxious. Just adrenaline and movement. That's me. That's all I have to say for now.