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I'm a Chronologically-challenged Optimistic Procrastinator with some extra chunk, indescribable hair and blue-greener eyes re-entering into the interesting worlds of College and Caffeine and Self-induced mania. I day dream about Zombies cause sometimes an Apocalypse is less scary than Real Life. I'm a hustler baby and I'm making it all up and I alternately kiss ass and rub it to make my living. BUT Life is still good cause my mom thinks I'm special and people like me; they really like me!

Monday, December 13, 2010

So this here's my first post

It's Monday. I hear the swat team level gardeners outside with their leaf blowers making it safe for my neighbors to walk by without being molested by *gasp* leaves or dust. The garbage truck has made its first run of the week to noisily extract the contents of the dumpster and once again I'm so grateful that said dumpster resides just below my bedroom window in the alley. And the neat thing? The garbage truck gang will be back a couple more times this week too. Yippee, I'd miss them if they weren't such frequent visitors.

I'm sitting here typing this in a fluffy white bathrobe, pink monkey slippers, magenta scrub pants and a Brain Power: Vote Zombie t-shirt. Yep. I'm a fashion plate. We won't discuss the current state of my hair. My eyes seem blue-greener lately. I don't know what that's all about, but I'll accept it. Skin's doing pretty good lately too from a long awaited Spa Day with my B.C.F., Jenna. (Best Crazy Friend). Due to rising levels of unanticipated anxiety about the general progression of my Life and the Unknown, I have been eating like a Ravaging Beast so I'm kinda chunkier than I'd care to be, but this state of chunk is not unknown to me.

I just finished a breakfast of cereal and Hershey's kisses (like I said, Ravaging  Beast) and I'm washing it down with a Sugarfree Redbull the size of my forearm. Literally. Forearm sized. Redbull. I plan to be a whirling dervish of energy later and accomplish all the things I've been procrastinating about doing for weeks now and the ones I forgot that I was procrastinating about from months ago. Artificially induced mania is a great motivator. And it has a lot to fight against, specifically Pet Society and Sorority Life on Facebook. Damn you FACEBOOOOOOK! I didn't even want to go on there and now I'm addicted. *Le sigh*

Today's ambitions include: sweeping and mopping, vacuuming, the gym, experimenting with fudge and bacon brittle, making gifts for my Solstice Party on the 18th, calling MK clients, visiting the post office and so much more. I always overestimate what I can do in any given time period. Call me a Chronologically-challenged Optimistic!

My roommate, Randy, actually emerged to inquire into my Agenda for Today. (By the way, I totally know how to punctuate and capitalize, but I'll do what I want to Anyway.) The other roommate, Rob, is hiding as usual; he is so quiet and dwells so exclusively in his room that most of the other tenants don't even know he lives here.  As for Randy, his agenda usually includes forcing me to watch some t.v. show online; it's how we socialize. Guys like to share an activity as their primary means of socialization, or so I've been told. This would certainly be true in our case. Now, I don't mind watching Glee cause it's a pretty amusing little show, but I don't like it interfering in my over-arcing master plan, especially since I can be such a procrastinator. So. We'll see. Later.

Last night I set my alarm to 8:30am. I laid in bed for 30 minutes hitting snooze and hiding from the world. Why? Well, it's the whole rising levels of anxiety from the unknown and because I had plans to register for college today and to complete work from my second job that my bosses were supposed to send late last night. The bosses ended up turning the aforementioned work in on their own - fine with me. The whole college thing went off fairly well, except, I'm on a wait list for all three of the classes that I need to finish my degree. Usually this isn't an issue as most people drop out, but I'm still nervous.

I do take certain measures to combat the anxiety. The first is to make a battle plan; this breaks the overwhelming unknown down into little steps that are much more whelming known (?), or user friendly or something. I also listen to hypnosis on Confidence and Stress Relief. And lastly, I count the things that I'm grateful for because you are supposed to be unable to feel Fear and Gratitude at the same time. Hey, whatever works. And you know, it usually does.

What I'm grateful for:
  • Registered for College
  • Live five blocks from beach in nice apartment
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Bills paid, for now
  • Red Bull
  • I'm smart and funny
So, a recap. I'm a Chronologically-challenged Optimistic Procrastinator with some extra chunk, indescribable hair and blue-greener eyes re-entering into the interesting worlds of College and Caffeine and Self-induced mania today. Yeah. We'll leave it at that.

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