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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Zombie Queen is Busy, Damnit!

Good Morning Sweet Readers,

Sorry about the slow updates. I'm obviously not the best nor most prolific blogger that ever lived. I knew that this was gonna be bulky and time consuming to write so I kept thinking I'd do it when I had more time. I woke up at six thirty-ish to write this. (And then didn't end up posting it until months later, but there you are! I actually posted this in October of 2012, but it happened in July of 2012.) 

As for what's happening - I think I'm transitioning. Lots of things that have been okay are now not acceptable. This has put bumps in my road. 

These are okay. Business has been steady. Though I would like to get ahead, I haven't yet and I'm pretty sure that this is my own doing. Frivolous spending because it's finally okay for me to buy the little things that I had to bypass previously. So...not sure how to overcome my own sabotage in this area, but at least bills are paid.

I hurt a lot. It's almost certainly from my massive weight gain. I've gained 45lbs since I've started back to school. (Not in a semester, but the whole period). It's kinda destroying my body. Feet, back, shoulders, hips ache. It's hard to sit for prolonged periods. I wake up in the night from discomfort and with my arms and sometimes my thighs numb. Conversely, I have started going to a yoga class and a body conditioning class on Tuesday and Thursday through the college. But my eating is still out of control and this counteracts any good those classes may do. 

I am at a still point in my education. In the fall, I will apply to SDSU. Not sure how to go about that but I will be making an appointment with a counselor soon to figure it out. I could have graduated from Mira Costa last Spring with a degree in Health Science but I need 2 other classes that have nothing to do with my degree but that are necessary to enter SDSU's bachelor program. Silliness and hoops. In the meantime, I am taking other classes to finish up my Certificate of Achievement in Administrative Assistance. Since I have at least a year before I can go to SDSU, I may choose to earn another C.o.A. in Business in addition. We'll see. 

These are shifting. Old friends are not quite meshing with the person I am becoming and there has been conflict. New friends are entering. I find myself in increasing new situations and I'm not quite comfortable in them, but I suppose it's good to go out of your comfort zone socially. Gun range, Masquerade Balls (now with real Rich People), camping trips - that sort of thing. This equals less time for the people who are only interested in sitting around and/or complaining. They feel neglected, which to some degree - they are. 

My mom and sister are both unemployed and have been for an extended period. They are being evicted from their home because the landlord wants to redo the interior and rent it out for more money. They are going to move into the smaller unit next door and pay $175 more a month for it. I don't think this is wise, but no one is asking my opinion. I cannot fathom how they've chosen to handle their situation, but again, they are adults and haven't asked for my guidance. 

All of this serves to distract and exhaust me which is why no one sees me or hears from me. It sounds like a downer when I reread it, but actually, I'm enjoying myself despite the challenges.

It's like a rollercoaster where you feel you might be flung out into space to die a horrible death at any moment and then when you disbark, you're giddy with relief and you're own "bravery" at going through this self-induced trial.

Superwoman Extraordinaire and Zombie Queen

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