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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I was flat on my back with the Death Flu and other excuses...

Well, ladies and gents it's true. I got way super sick; it may have, in fact, been the Death Flu. This is still unconfirmed. I woke up two Fridays ago with a little tickle in the back of my throat. I overexerted myself that day and just messed up my Whole Immune System which in turn just spiraled down into a vortex of plague. Example: Sunday - I slept 21 hours with mini breaks to pee, then ingest vittles and fluids. I actually cancelled three massages on Monday...after I did one and felt like a sailor on the rolling deck of some psychotic ship. So what does it all mean? No working out. That's what. Excuse # 1.

The rest of the week I went back to work, but still didn't feel 100% better, so I didn't work out 'til Thursday when my personal trainer showed up. (Thank Bertha for him!) Excuse # 2. He made me do a bunch of core work which kicked my butt (I know! I must be doing it wrong - your abs aren't in your butt!) and reminded me of my imminent devouring should any Undead rise.

So, that's good. It's nice to keep motivated EXCEPT the very next day after doing five massages, I decided not to work out again cause I was tired. Excuse # 3.

Meanwhile, I'm supposed to go to a Ball tonight. I don't really feel pretty or feminine lately. And like Cinderella, I don't really have anything to wear...EXCEPT I might. I've gained a lot of weight so the Brain-splosion I had just before falling asleep last night may not work. At which point, I risk embarrassment. And so I don't wanna go. Potential Excuse # 4.

It could be good though. I could meet the Man of My Dreams who will stand with me when the Apocalypse arrives and give me foot rubs. Can I really pass this opportunity up? I say nay. Wish me luck y'all. I'm gonna go give myself an extreme makeover. Cause a lady should always look her best with Armagedon approaching. That's my advice for today. No excuses. That's all I have to say.

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