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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm drowning in dead cats, sheep brains and bacteria. Seriously.

School has been a soul-sucking morass; I don't really see anyone or talk to anyone. I either go from work to school (10am to 9:35pm on M & W) OR I go from school to work (8am to 7pm, T & Th) and then work again on Friday (10 to 3pm).

At this moment in time it's Bacterio-palooza in Microbiology; we have an Exam next Monday. One high point is that we stain the bacteria (cause otherwise it's clear) which is kinda liking painting with microbes and we also run a lot of different tests, which is kinda like being a mad scientist.  The current unit in Anatomy covers the wonders of the Nervous System so it's sheep brains and dead cats every session. Yum. Sometimes the formaldehyde actually burns your eyes and chokes you it's so concentrated. This also feels like being a mad scientist, but isn't as fun as Micro.

I go to tutoring sessions, study groups and flee my own house to try to cram fuck tons of facts and concepts into my burdened brain about Microbiology and Anatomy. And yet, the "A" result that I'm looking for has not been achieved. Today was especially burdensome. I got a "D" on my Quiz.

I really felt like crying in class. The teacher actually yelled at us for 30 minutes after he graded our quizzes because, as a whole, we did horribly. He said that we were the worst class in 8 years. So, that means I'm in good company surrounded by other failing retards. This fact does not help me feel better. Basically, I have been beating myself up all day.

And the only thing that cheers me up is:

It's not so much that I want to start shooting all the motherfuckers in the face today, as I really don't want to worry about my "D". The Walking Dead means never having to worry about college again. Or retirement. Or the future. It's very Zen, all about living in the moment. 

All said, I still have a "B" in the class overall so, this isn't really a post so much as whining. I apologize. But now you know where I've been and what I've been doing. 

The End.