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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, A New You!

So, the New Year has arrived. I spent it with J Crew and Fam. I slouched about in my pj's with them and played board games. Very relaxing. Then I came home, started my period and have been hiding in my room since then.

There is a tide arising, and I'm not talking about my crimson one. The anxiousness is cresting. Last year's goals were not met. In fact, on some of them, I didn't even tread water, but instead, sank like a steel beam. I am looking at my life, finding it lacking (this part isn't new) and deciding that why I sucked last year was a lack of planning (also not new) and making a newer, better plan (still not new). But I have come to the realization that the realize why all that planning and goal making didn't work very well last year was because my "plan" was too damn amorphous. Too scattered like a brain full of buckshot.

So, I am breaking my BIG PLANS down into littler pieces and then actually scheduling times to take on these pieces. I wrote the High Holidays into my planner so time doesn't whiz by and then I go...wait, did I just miss...damnit! I'm scheduling birthdays, cause your Nearest and Dearest should be lodged in your brain meats and when said meats are rotting a planner comes in handy. I'm writing in the gym. I am cataloging the classes I hope to take and the schedule for massage that I hope to have. And I'm making a to call list to get back in contact with the people I hope to network with who will help me meet my goals for 2011.

All this planning fills me with hope and motivation, piss and vinegar, a blinding headache and nausea...no wait, let's just stop at the acidic liquids, shall we? One of my goals was to write something daily. Anything at all. So here's my weak attempt at said goal. Wish me luck people - that's all I have to say.

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