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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I don't react well to surprises.

This equals "not good" - possibly "bad", even. If Zombies were to suddenly arise, I'd be likely to implode. (This is the scale by which I measure the importance of all things, even if you hadn't realized it yet.) Because...well, it really chafes my cheese when things don't go like I expect, especially if I had something else planned. Like, "No we can't have the End of the World today; I have D&D scheduled."

A Real-Life example: I asked my sister to pick up seven Heirloom Tomatoes at the Farmer's Market today. $14. Newsflash: Tomatoes now made out of gold. WHAT THE HAIRY HELL! $14. That's $2 a tomato or as the vendor puts it, $4.99 a pound. In any case, I freaked out all over her just cause I wasn't expecting to pay that much. It took me...a half an hour to calm down, realize I had acted like a douche and apologize to her (via facebook, shhh).

It always amazes me how quickly and intensely angry I can get. Much like the Spanish Inquisition, I never expect it. And strangely, I am more likely to be pissed over some inconsequential thing, than something vital. Usually when some unpleasant, vital thing happens, I end up in shock. It's only later in the retelling that the irritability will surface.

I've tried a variety of things to lessen my negative over-reactions to unexpected, unwanted situations: meditation, eliminating sugar and caffeine, breathing exercises, hypnosis, court-mandated anger management classes. I guess, I have a way to go towards being a mature adult who can handle Catastrophes with Aplomb. (I like Capitalizing Things, deal with it.)

Now, let's multiply this little tomato incident with the unexpectedness of the Apocalypse. It's danger-danger time, people. But how to fix it? Just practice not sucking in social situations, I guess.

Oh well. That's all.

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