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Monday, December 13, 2010

The All Encompassing Loneliness and Hope Striking Eternal

So, I have no man. I have no Wo-man, either. I am alone. Woe is me and such. Every once in a while, I really get tired of it. Hope wanders over and slaps me upside the head and I start doing crazy things due to the spiritual concussion.

To wit: I willfully chose to post yet another ad on Craigslist in the hopes that someone who I wouldn't mind meeting in a dark alley might respond, instead of the more usual responses that I would mind meeting in said shadowy alley.

I have also agreed to go on a blind date with the son-in-law of one of my crazy clients. It was supposed to be brisket and potato latkes on Hanukkah, but that fell through. So now, I await his call. Be still my heart, no wait, don't.

I am also making a concentrated effort to not leave the house looking like a slovenly potato. This is harder than it might sound. Doing hair, shelacking make up and being on time don't always connect the way they are supposed to.

What am I looking for, at least, according to my ad? A man who: bathes, has all his teeth, has a job, doesn't expect sex on our first meeting and who is a relatively intelligent mammal. It would also be nice if he were: funny, generous, respectful, a good conversationalist and into me. Notice! I did not specify the amount of money he has to make, height, weight, race or creed. Though, if I were truthful, I do like the muscles! OH YEAH! And he has to be a good lay and into sex...with me! This is important.

Well, hopes strikes eternal. I am putting this out to the universe. That's all for now.

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