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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rambo, a ninja-pirate assassin

This comic is from www.smbc-comics.com/. Go check them out!

I've really been thinking about this ever since I read it. So, I have supposedly lived three of my lives, with the fourth on its way in 3 years. At first, I was like...hey, Life-Waster sitting here. Then, I looked deeper. 

I've been a massage therapist, a corporate drone and now an entrepreneur and college student. What will I be next? I guess I haven't wasted as much time as I had originally felt that I had. Hm.

What do you think? What have you done with your lives? I plan to be Rambo, a ninja-pirate assassin in my next life. Then, maybe a unicorn. I like the idea of stabbing people while I run them down like dogs whilst covered in sparkly glitter.

The End.

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